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Family Law

When Bad Times Happen To Good People

Nobody plans for it, but it can happen to any one of us. When conflict involves family, it’s more than just two parties seeing eye-to-eye. Emotions play a powerful role, which can make a difficult situation even worse. When you are faced with this kind of conflict, it’s essential to choose and lawyer who can resolve these disputes, quickly and efficiently.

We have experience handling legal conflicts in an intimate family setting. As former Attorneys in the Special Assault Unit, we can relate to the complex emotions and issues involved in a family breaking apart. While we handle divorces, we are also advisors who remain committed to solving your legal problems. From complex legal issues involving personal and corporate asset division and property settlement, to child custody and child support and visitation, we maintain a respectful and civil atmosphere so the best possible decisions can be made, for you and your family.

Florida family law issues include:


    Child Custody
    Family/Relative Adoption
    Division of Assets


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